What You Need to Know About Rogue?


Rogues are popular in a big game. They are great for starting the game. This guide covers their skills, stats, and how to play.

Key Takeaways:

  • Rogues are a versatile class that offers a balanced gameplay experience.
  • This comprehensive guide will cover rogue skills, stat builds, and effective strategies.
  • Comparisons between rogues and other classes will be explored to help players make informed choices.
  • Choosing the right race, profession, and gear is vital for maximizing a rogue’s potential.
  • Training and skill progression play a crucial role in a rogue’s development.

A Look at Rogue Skills

Rogues have many skills that help them in fights. These skills let them change tactics and beat their enemies. Here’s a look at some key rogue abilities:


Potion lets rogues get health drinks in fights, helping them stay healthy longer.


Aimed makes rogue attacks hit better, perfect for tough foes or far fights.


Tangle stops foes from moving freely. It’s great for controlling battlefields.


Throwing things at enemies from a distance, rogues use Throw to start fights or make new chances to win.


The Daze skill confuses enemies, making it hard for them to defend or fight back, best for close fights.


With Smoke, rogues can hide in darkness. This lets them surprise enemies or escape unseen.


Rapid lets rogues hit enemies really fast, overpowering them quickly in battle.


Stealth makes rogues almost invisible, giving them a big surprise factor in combat.


Surprise helps rogues start fights by catching enemies off guard, a big advantage in battle.


Poison lets rogues make their weapons deadly over time, weakening their enemies in long fights.

Mind Numb

Mind Numb slows down what enemies can do, good against mages or smart foes.

Wild Daggers

Wild Daggers lets rogues attack fast and hard with their daggers, surprising enemies who don’t expect it.


Blinding enemies with Blind messes up their aim and attacks, making them vulnerable to counterattacks.

Final Strike

Finally, Final Strike is for ending fights by landing a big, game-changing hit on weakened enemies.

Exploring Different Stat Builds

Playing as a rogue, knowing about stat builds is key. You want to boost damage, survive, or be balanced. Picking the right build is critical for your success.

A top choice for rogues is the dattack/affense build. It’s all about a mix of dexterity and luck. This makes you strong in combat. You dish out good damage and can take hits too.

Maybe you like playing safe. Then the supertanker build might suit you. It’s about having lots of endurance. So, you can last longer in fights. Surviving means winning tough battles.

If your aim is dealing heavy hits, choose the annihilator build. It boosts your dexterity and luck for big attacks. As an annihilator, enemies won’t stand a chance against you.

Which build to pick really depends on how you like to play and your game goals. Whether you’re after balance, defence, or offence, know your builds. Try different ones to see what you love. Then, you’re ready to shine as a top rogue.

Strategies for Success

Want to be a top rogue? You need to switch strategies for different foes. Be it one enemy, many, or a tough boss. Here’s how to win:

Single Enemies

For one baddie, go for a standard plan. Hit hard. Use these key moves:

  • Daze: Stun your foe for easy hits.
  • Throw: Chuck stuff at them for extra pain.
  • Rapid: Hit faster with this move.
  • Blind: Make them see less, so you can hit more.
  • Attack: Mix basics with skills for a power-packed attack.

Multiple Enemies

Got a crowd to face? Here’s your plan:

  • Wild: Attack all at once with crazed blows.
  • Rapid: Hit faster to take out the weak ones first.
  • Throw: Aim at many with your throwing skills.

Boss Fights

Bosses need special care. Use these moves for the big fights:

  • Daze: Stun the boss to hold off their big moves.
  • Rapid: Attack quick when you get the chance.
  • Throw: Hurl attacks from afar to stay safe.
  • Poison: Add poison for extra hurt over time.
  • Blind: Make the boss less accurate and live longer.

Remember, what works changes with your level and your skills. Tweak your tactics as you learn and grow.

Strategy Applicable Skills
Single Enemies Daze, Throw, Rapid, Blind, Attack
Multiple Enemies Wild, Rapid, Throw
Boss Fights Daze, Rapid, Throw, Poison, Blind

Rogue vs Other Classes

Rogues are very flexible in their own ways. They have special good points and not-so-good points when matched with other classes. Classes that are often compared include DoomKnight, EnTropy, Kathool Adept, and more.

Each one has unique skills and plays differently. DoomKnight is scary and uses strong dark magic. EnTropy shakes things up with chaotic and damaging moves.

Kathool Adept is great with dark powers and calling weird creatures. SoulWeaver connects with spirits for magic. The Frost Moglin Armor is all about ice, while the Technomancer mixes tech and magic for a cool future look.

DragonLord Armor is all about commanding dragons. The ChickenCow and Evolved ChickenCow bring fun with poultry themes.

As players grow in the game, they might try other classes. This way, they figure out what they like best.

Rogue vs Other Classes

Class Abilities Gameplay Style
DoomKnight Dark magic, powerful attacks Menacing presence
EnTropy Chaos manipulation, destructive attacks Unleashing entropy
Kathool Adept Dark energy manipulation, eldritch summons Manipulating ancient forces
SoulWeaver Spiritual connection, ethereal powers Weaving the threads of souls
Frost Moglin Armor Ice-themed abilities, frosty attacks Embracing the power of the ice
Technomancer Combining technology with magic Steampunk-inspired playstyle
DragonLord Armor Dragon summoning and control Mastering the power of dragons
ChickenCow and Evolved ChickenCow Light-hearted, poultry-inspired gameplay Unleashing the power of the chicken

Race and Role Choices for Rogues

Playing as a rogue in games is fun. You need to pick the right race for your character. Each race has special things that help rogues in different ways.

Here are some top choices for rogues:

  • Gnomes: They have “Escape Artist”. This helps them get free from being stuck. Being small, they are very quick.
  • Humans: With “Every Man for Himself”, they can get out of being stunned or scared. They are good with swords and maces too.
  • Dwarves: “Stoneform” helps with poison and disease, plus it makes them tougher. They are great at using guns and maces.
  • Night Elves: They can disappear with “Shadowmeld”. This makes sneaking around easier. They are also good against nature magic.
  • Orcs: “Hardiness” makes them tough against being stunned. They are stronger and good at using axes.
  • Undead: With “Will of the Forsaken”, they can’t be feared or put to sleep. They resist shadow magic and can eat the dead for health.
  • Trolls: “Berserking” lets them attack faster for a bit. They are better with using bows and throwing things.

Now let’s look at the role of rogues in games. They are quick fighters who do a lot of damage to one enemy at a time.

Agility and strength are key for rogues. Agility helps them hit foes and avoid being hit. It also makes their hits stronger.

Strength increases their overall power. This means they can deal more damage. Focusing on these two stats makes rogues really strong in fights.

Attribute Impact on Rogues
Agility Improves chance to hit and critically strike, increases armor rating
Strength Enhances attack power for greater damage output
Hit Increases the chance to successfully land an attack on a target
Crit Boosts the chance to score critical hits, dealing additional damage

By working on their agility, strength, hit, and crit stats, rogues help their team a lot. They can be stealthy or brave fighters. Rogues add excitement and value to any game team.

Professions for Rogues

Choosing the right professions can really help out rogues. Leatherworking and engineering are two great picks. They bring special perks for rogues.

Leatherworking is top for rogues. It lets them make great gear for all game stages. Rogues gather recipes and materials to craft strong leather armour. They can also specialise in making armor that boosts critical hits and damage.

Engineering is great for rogues wanting to stand out. It offers bombs, gadgets, and tools, perfect for tricky situations. With engineering, rogues can throw bombs for big damage, build tools for control, and even make things for a quick vanish. These can be life-savers in both fights with other players and tough game areas.

When picking professions, rogues need to think about how they play and what they aim for. Leatherworking helps them make strong gear. Engineering gives them lots of tools for different tactics. Choosing one or both can make a big difference in their game journey.

Rogue Sets and Gear

In Classic WoW, rogues find many sets and gear to boost their fight skills. These include:

Rogue Tier Sets

Shadowcraft Armor: This set helps level 60 rogues. It has parts like a helm and gloves. Each gives more agility and stamina. They also up the critical chance, making the rogue hit harder and last longer.

Darkmantle Armor: Also for level 60, it’s better than Shadowcraft. It helps the rogue get more energy. And it makes them stronger in battles.

Nightslayer Armor: This set focuses on agility and critical hits. It helps rogues deal more damage to enemies.

Bloodfang Armor: Bloodfang is great for raiders. It boosts attack power and helps cut through tough enemies.

Bonescythe Armor: Coming from Naxxramas, it strengthens the rogue’s attack and defense skills.

Other Notable Sets

Brood: Deathdealer’s Embrace: Found in Blackwing Lair, it’s good for agility and stamina. It also protects against nature and frost attacks.

ZG: Madcap’s Outfit: From Zul’Gurub, it’s ideal for burst damage. It boosts agility and critical hit chance.

PvP Sets

Rogues keen on PvP can get special sets. These add toughness against other players. It helps rogues survive better in PvP battles.

Dungeon Sets and Faction Sets

Aside from tiers and PvP, rogues find strong gear in dungeons and with factions. They include agility, stamina, and more, based on the rogue’s needs.

Using these gear sets lets rogues stand out and fight better. There are sets for raiding, PvP, and all-around use. Rogues can pick what fits their style to achieve their goals in Classic WoW.

Training and Skill Progression

As a rogue, I’ve seen how important skill progress is. It opens up all my abilities. I looked for wise rogue trainers during my travels. They were in different places, ready to help rogues from any group. Learning from them means I can do more in the game.

Being able to open locks is a vital skill for me. It lets me into places I couldn’t get otherwise. This is great for finding hidden spots and taking precious things. Pickpocketing is also key. It lets me take things from people without them noticing. This gives me extra stuff I can use or trade.

With more game time, trainers teach me even better skills for my style. They show me how to fight better, dodge attacks, and use powerful moves. Getting good at these makes me a strong rogue. It’s about always learning and getting better to overcome any challenge.

Improving at opening locks and picking pockets, and working with trainers, opens up new chances. These help me do better in sneaking places or winning fights. So, rogue friends, never forget how crucial training and skill growth are for our success!


What is a rogue?

Rogues are a key class in a top game. They’re a smart pick for game newbies.

What skills do rogues have?

Rogues can do lots, like mixing potions and making surprise attacks. They can confuse foes, use poisons, and even turn invisible.

What are the different stat builds for rogues?

There are several ways to build your rogue’s stats. You can focus on hitting hard, taking hits, or causing lots of damage.

What strategies can rogues employ?

How rogues fight changes with the enemy. For a single enemy, they may use Daze and Rapid. But for groups, they might use Wild Daggers and so on. Boss fights require poison and special skills.

How do rogues compare to other classes?

Rogues stand out with strengths against classes like DoomKnight and more. For example, they have stealth but are weaker in head-on fights.

What are the race and role choices for rogues?

Rogues can come from various races like Gnomes and Trolls. They shine as melee fighters, focusing on one enemy at a time.

What professions are beneficial for rogues?

Picking the right jobs helps rogues a lot. Leatherworking and Engineering are top picks.

What sets and gear options are available for rogues?

Rogues can wear special armours like Shadowcraft and more. There’s cool gear like ZG: Madcap’s Outfit for them too.

How do rogues progress in their skills?

Rogues keep getting better with each level. They learn new moves from trainers, including how to pick locks and pockets.